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Weight Gain Journey

Beginning of 2020 was when I first started losing weight. I was dealing with stress, depression and COVID-19. I didn't realize how small I was until I stepped on the scale.

Crazy because usually, I always wanted to be small, but never as small as I was then.

Beginning of 2021 started off interesting as well, but with me dealing with everything in a positive manner, I really focused on not stressing and getting back right.

With a lot of my weight being muscle weight that I lost, I wasn't able to get back into the gym where I left off. My appetite also never seemed to be there. I had to train my mind to get back into routine.

I began making sure to eat all three major meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and little snacks throughout the day. I didn't worry if it was healthy or not. I was just focusing on opening my stomach back up.

At first, it was not easy gaining weight even though I was eating, but I did start to workout at my own pace and eventually I was able to gain again!

I went from between 122-128 pounds to 106 pounds. Currently, I weigh 114 pounds and can't be happier! Every day has been a day to make more progress and I let that be my motivation! Get to know your body and make progress from there. Realization is the first step!




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